Imagine that you belong to a health clinic filled with professionals who already know you, your medical history, your family, work, social situation, and probably even your favorite flavor of ice cream. Imagine that you can call, text, or email them with health concerns and that they will gladly take same-day urgent appointments. Imagine that you have 24/7 phone access to physicians, health coaches, behavioral specialists, and nurses all focused on preventive
medicine with the goal to keep you healthy—even when you’re well.

Enter Turntable Health and its founder, Dr. Zubin Damania. After working at Stanford for 10 years, “Dr. Z” saw firsthand the nation’s dysfunctional healthcare system. “There were so
many patients in the hospital, and they didn’t need to be there. If only there were a focus on prevention,” he says. “There were so many docs who were burning out dealing with the horrible bureaucracy of medicine. Turntable Health removes most of that bureaucracy and allows a true preventative focus.”

For a small monthly fee, members benefit from an all-inclusive approach to their healthcare. A wellness team looks at each patient’s specific needs and goals regarding health, lifestyle, and fitness. Patients have access to on-site fitness, nutrition, health-related classes, and many procedures—lab work, for example—are performed right in the clinic. If a patient needs an outside specialist, Turntable’s open communication ensures the collaborative approach stays intact.

Dr. Z was introduced to the emerging renaissance of Downtown by his friend, Tony Hseih, and says “We were convinced that this was the perfect place to open our first clinic.”

Dr. Z founded Turntable Health to move healthcare forward into a new realm. “I see it as a much more viable model than our current system. Anytime you are allowed and incentivized to focus on just doing the right thing for patients, things tend to work out quite well.”