“…one common thread amongst us all, is our giving spirit.”

Written by Dedee Nave

Lest it ever be said that Las Vegas is not a giving community, I’m here to tell you that is totally untrue.  In all my years here (since l971), I’ve spent most of my time working with non-profits and charitable organizations, and I know firsthand just how much the generosity from Las Vegas locals has mattered in the development of our community’s quality of life. When I first arrived here in 1971, various organizations and individuals had already established the spirit of giving back, but they still had to determine the remainder of this “work in progress” for our community’s character and defining amenities. Though our masterpiece is still unfinished, we’ve made much progress.

Be it the Discovery Children’s Museum, the Neon Museum, the Lou Ruvo Center for Neurological Diseases, the Smith Center, the Spring Mountain Ranch, the Ronald McDonald House, the Animal Foundation Shelter, Three Square, the Morelli House, Channel 10, KNPR, or so many other institutions that we enjoy and value as part of the fabric of our city, we created all of these through our own vision and generosity.  Sometimes it took a significant lead gift to get the ball rolling. Sometimes it took a collection of smaller gifts to amass the monies needed.  But in all cases, it took a vision of what could be, a driving energy to make those things happen and, equally as important, generosity by the community. Especially here in Las Vegas, we know it takes money or its equivalent in donated goods and services to create and keep good things happening.

Las Vegans are as diverse as they come, but I believe one common thread amongst us all is our giving spirit.  I see it when tragedy strikes a family and total strangers quickly donate funds to them; when school children line up pennies to improve their playground; when charitable holiday and school supply drives occur on a community-wide scale so that less fortunate kids won’t go without.  I see it when businesses donate their time, effort, and materials to build or repair and when they generously contribute goods and services for fundraising events; when volunteers spend hours reading to kids, manning thrift shops of donated goods, or cleaning up parks and byways without expecting anything in return.  I see it when our casinos, banks, utilities, and large corporations regularly donate funds and form their own employee teams to volunteer in the community.  From the smallest individual donations to the largest corporate and foundation philanthropic gifts, we are all a community with one goal—to make this home that we call Las Vegas  a better place now and in the future.

So, In My Humble Opinion, Las Vegas is indeed a most generous and giving community, and we can show our outstanding, amazing results to all the fact-checkers out there. I sincerely thank you all, but we’re not finished yet.  So show me the money, Las Vegas, and please, please, keep it coming!