Recent move sends positive ripple through Southern Nevada, impacting millions.

Written by Temple Kinyon 

Ground-BreakingWhen I visited the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) years ago to obtain a health card, I was amazed at the abundant services offered and the number of people being assisted. Hundreds proceeded in and out of various offices, leaving me with an overwhelming level of respect for what SNHD accomplishes daily. It was like a butterfly effect—one minor action or change caused a noticeably large outcome, like the flutter of a butterfly wing influencing weather patterns. SNHD was a perfect example: Hundreds of employees served thousands of clients who then interacted with even more people.

By early 2016, SNHD will combine and move its Valley View Boulevard and two Shadow Lane locations to its new facility at 280 South Decatur Boulevard. The move will not be easy, but one could compare it to the flutter of a butterfly wing. The move’s impact will inevitably cause a major ripple effect, consolidating services to an easily-accessible location for clients who live and work in Southern Nevada.

The new site is closer to freeway access, public transportation, and the developing medical district located on South Decatur. “Once we move, we will be serving clients from a permanent home selected based on the suitability of its location,” said Dr. Joe Iser, chief health officer of SNHD. “We will realize significant additional savings through the elimination of rental costs and associated fees for the buildings we are vacating.” And, with $200,000 in redevelopment funds from the City of Las Vegas, the structure will be more energy-efficient, boasting LED lighting and solar tubes. “Other planned improvements include upgrades to external security features that will enhance the safety of our staff, clients, and the surrounding neighborhood,” said Dr. Iser.


Dr. Joe Iser, chief health officer of SNHD, pitches in at the “wall-breaking” ceremony for the new Health District facility.

Immunizations, TB testing and treatment, chronic disease prevention and health promotion, the sexual health clinic, family planning services, public health preparedness, and environmental health inspection programs are just some of the services being merged into the Decatur facility. All are services that impact millions of residents, employees, and even tourists.

SNHD constantly reevaluates its services to assure they’re meeting the needs of the community. The new location allows room for growth to potentially add services. Revitalizing and reenergizing the area are also beneficial.

“The goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible for the public, our partners, and stakeholders,” Dr. Iser emphasized. Only the Valley View and Shadow Lane locations will relocate, with the other SNHD facilities being accessible during the transition to the new facility.

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