Written by Brianna Soloski

Since the 1980s, Megan Keith and her family have integrated themselves into the fabric of Las Vegas by feeding hungry people and giving back to the community that has long supported their dreams. Keith’s parents started out as Burger King franchisees and had the opportunity to develop the west side of the Las Vegas Valley. That led to their operating 43 Burger Kings and two PizzaRevs.

Now married with kids of her own, Keith focuses her charitable giving on two organizations—After School All Stars, which provides kids with free out-of-school programs to help them succeed in school and life, and Opportunity Village, a non-profit which provides children and adults who have intellectual disabilities the opportunities to get the most out of life.


After School All Stars attend grand opening of Pizza Rev.

For each PizzaRev opening, Keith offers a “Pay What You Want” promotion. Proceeds from the event to to After School All Stars. According to Keith, doing this “…gives a great sense of purpose to the grand opening festivities and allows our team members to learn about a local organization.”

To give to Opportunity Village, Keith worked with Lisa Teigen, the charity’s Community Outreach Director, to come up with the “$1 Donation” concept. During June, guests were able to add a dollar donation to their bill, and the restaurant displayed the donors’ names in the restaurants.

Keith loves offering a helping hand and being able to positively impact others’ lives. “It’s an incredible feeling,” she says. She loves involving the restaurants’ team members in charitable partnerships and seeing “…how it enriches their lives to learn about these organizations.”

With Opportunity Village, the aspect that touches Keith the most is that “…they have created a place to go for many [people] and their families who would otherwise have no options.” One of her favorite parts of the charity is Sean’s Park, designed especially for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. It is the first of its kind in the United States.

As for the future of PizzaRev’s charitable giving, they plan to make the “$1 Donation” program an annual tradition. PizzaRev customers can get involved with After School All Stars by visiting asaslv.org and with Opportunity Village by visiting opportunityvillage.org.