Local art activists, Todd VonBastiaans and Bryan McCarthy, were in Chicago in May and were lucky enough to get tickets to see Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England, recommended by Chicago theatre critic Hedy Weiss. By intermission, Todd and Bryan were already formulating ideas to bring the entire production to Las Vegas.

And they did! Museums, romance, politics, and yes, seven enormous mammoths collide in this academic sex comedy by Madeleine George, one of America’s most fun and original playwrights.

Meet Dean Wreen. She’s having a difficult week. A proposed renovation to her small private college campus, specifically converting a dusty old natural history museum into a fancy new dorm, is meeting stiff resistance from the town. Meanwhile, her ex-girlfriend has returned to live with her. This complicates Wreen’s relationship with Andromeda, her new (and much younger) girlfriend who loves “alternative kinship structures.” Until she finds herself living in one.

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times columnist, called Theater Wit’s Midwest premiere of Seven Homeless Mammoths “…the smartest, funniest, most poignant play to arrive on a Chicago stage in a very long time.” Chris Jones, of the Chicago Tribune, concurred. “It’s an exceedingly funny play. I snickered and chortled all night long.” New City’s Lisa Buscani summed up George’s smart, funny relationship play as “…intelligent erudite, and sharply humorous.”

Note: Seven Homeless Mammoths is Rated M for mature content and language.

Performances of Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England will run for two weeks, August 13-24. Tickets are $25.

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