Juicing is neither a fad nor a trend. It’s a lifestyle.

Written by Lea Lumba
Photography by Kira Weisz

As humans, we are always finding ways to be better in all aspects, especially health. Though juicing has been around for many years, Las Vegas has seen a quick growth in the raw, cold-pressed juice business. I sat down with Sabrina DeFilippo, owner of Function Juicery and received a crash course in this good-for-you regime that has quickly enamored me.

Sabrina came to the Las Vegas Valley eight years ago and worked as a bartender at one of the Strip’s hottest nightclubs. After falling ill with a condition that shut down her digestive system, she had to live on an all-liquid diet. In order to provide her body the nutrients it needed, Sabrina turned to juicing. Not long after she started juicing, she was able to eat whole foods again. Juicing positively affected her life so much that she thought, “If it can change my life, why can’t it change someone else’s?”

According to Sabrina, “Juicing is neither a fad nor a trend, It’s a lifestyle.” Juicing can be the jumpstart to weight loss or, better yet, the jumpstart to a healthier life. The process of cold pressing keeps all the nutrients alive and readily absorbed—juicing predigests food for you. When you take in juices, you give your body a break from having to work to break food down.
I also spoke with Registered Dietician Geri Lynn Grossan. A health professional for over 20 years, she informed me that juicing has many additional health benefits:

  • A way to incorporate vegetables in your diet that you normally wouldn’t eat
  • An improvement in your immune system
  • A boost in energy
  • A support in brain health

Geri Lynn suggests that you focus on more “green-based” juices and watch out for juices that are primarily fruit because of their natural sugars.

With so many “quick-fixes” out there, I am glad to know that juicing is such a health benefit and that it is here to stay. Stop by Function Juicery or any of the other juiceries in town, try a concoction (Don’t let the green ones scare you), and find out what all the fuss is about. You just might get hooked!

Function Juicery | 4220 South Grand Canyon Drive #6, Las Vegas
702.912.1270 | functionjuicery.com