National Charity League stresses leadership and community service

Written by By Brianna Soloski

three-square-nclYou don’t often think of teenagers and charity going hand in hand, but at the National Charity League, young girls are getting a early start on giving back to the community. Referred to as the NCL, the National Charity League is a mother-daughter philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. Girls and their moms join the program in seventh grade and finish at the end of the girls’ senior year.

Stacy Le Piere, president of the Las Vegas Chapter of NCL, has made it a family affair. All three of her daughters participate in the program, and it has been life changing for them. “I am very passionate about NCL and cannot say enough good things about it. Amid these ‘busy years’ when our daughters are growing up and figuring out who they are, this is a unique opportunity to stay connected as mother/daughter in a way where we are sharing experiences giving back to our community,” Stacy says.

NCL wouldn’t exist without its foundations—community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences.

ncl-class_2016teaCommunity service is the basis for joining NCL. Each chapter looks at the individual community’s needs and chooses philanthropic organizations to support based on those needs. Animal Foundation, Joy Prom, and Miracle League are just a few of the great organizations the Las Vegas chapter supports.

Leadership development is a key component for NCL members. Throughout their membership, the girls are given opportunities to learn essential life skills like team-building, conflict resolution, and meeting management. Each age group has monthly meetings, giving the girls a chance to serve as board or committee members.

NCL members can look forward to fun cultural experiences, too. Different ages have a different focus and does activities and field trips based on that focus. One group might focus on art, learn the proper etiquette for attending an art show, and finally attend a museum exhibit. This component prepares the girls for the future while enabling them to have experiences they might not otherwise get.


“This [NCL] experience teaches our girls to reach out a helping hand without thinking.” ~ Stacy Le Piere

In a world where tweens and teens live with their heads buried in their phones, being involved in NCL is so important. As Le Piere says, “This [NCL] experience teaches our girls to reach out a helping hand without thinking. When one of our girls sees someone who needs assistance—the experiences they had in NCL prepare them to intuitively lend that helping hand.”

ncl-2015_16-bodBeing an NCL member is a six-year commitment. It isn’t a group that you can join for a year and then give up on. According to Le Piere, “It’s a commitment that will empower your daughters and be an experience you will look back on tenderly… how together you were able to serve your community and discover the leaders inside of yourself.”

For those interested in getting involved, visit for more information. There is also a chapter in Green Valley.