I Have A Dream Foundation educates, enriches, and empowers young people.

Written by Talon Sewell

IMG_0304clip2I Have A Dream (IHAD) was — and today still is — a blessing, a powerhouse for many. Honestly, I really didn’t appreciate who they were and what they stood for until I got older. First and foremost, they provided me the means to go to college. As I mentor children and teenagers at my church, I realize that tuition is the main reason students don’t continue their education. Lack of money should never be an insurmountable obstacle on someone’s future.

I was always a pretty straight forward, simple kid. I caused no problems and dedicated myself to school. More recently, my love for I Have A Dream has grown because they show that they understand real life. Things happen. Life happens. Our hearts and dreams may change, but the love and support we receive from IHAD is constant and consistent. In particular, Ms. Lindsay has continued to mold I Have A Dream into a foundation upon which Ms. Julie, Mr. Kevin, and so many others originally founded it.

I credit my passion for education and teaching to this foundation. I enjoy tutoring. I love the hugs, and I get satisfaction from a student appreciation for his or her education. There’s no better feeling than helping a child succeed.

I Have A Dream epitomizes that goal.

The “I Have a Dream” Foundation-Southern Nevada was launched in January 2012 by a group of community members that included Julie Willis Leon and sponsor Lindsay Harper. The staff and board worked with the school district’s superintendent and assistant superintendent to locate a school site where the foundation could make the most impact. West Prep Academy was selected because of its at-risk, low-income population. Their individualized services to Dreamers include: Academic Enrichment, Mentoring, Cultural Enrichment, Leadership Development, Career & Workforce Development, and Basic Needs.

For more information visit ihaveadreamsonv.org.