The fancy doughnut is the cupcake’s newest rival in the comeback of revamped, retro desserts. At the Downtown Project’s newest baby, O Face Doughnuts, the humble doughnut’s simple coatings have given way to twisted toppings such as breakfast cereals and bacon.

Chef Crystal Whitford, the creator of the kooky concoctions was a pastry chef at Spago and previously at Bouchon prior to taking the position at O Face. Her grandfather was a fourth generation Italian baker, so baking is in her blood.Crystal channeled her roots and fine dining background to use the doughnut as a blank canvas for both sweet and savory fillings. You’ll find selections like Pizza, Caprese, and Lox and Cream Cheese next to dessert-like options such as Key Lime Pie, Root Beer Float, and Maple Bacon.

O Face has a never-ending list of recipes, and the menu rotates daily. Crystal makes everything—including the jams for the jelly doughnuts and the cereal-infused milk for glazes—from scratch. The toppings deliver on flavor and are visually impressive. Though the dough is a bit dense, the doughnuts aren’t overly sweet. The chef fries them in canola oil rather than shortening to ensure the doughnuts don’t harden as they cool. A vegan option (made with coconut milk, applesauce, and organic palm oil) is also available.

Unlike other doughnut shops, O Face puts as much effort into their coffee as their sweets. They brew Caffe Vita coffee out of Seattle, a pioneer in the Farm Direct movement, and the baristas go through as much training as bakers.

O Face Doughnuts
124 S. 6th Street, #140 Las Vegas, NV 89101
702.476.3223 |