E_Dana-houston2It all blurs together these days, and that’s just the way I like it. There are fewer boundaries between work and play. I try to let my child influence the way I approach creative problem solving, and vice versa. How we consume content online, seamlessly moving from one source to another, is a fair metaphor for what happens offline. Daily, there’s a fluid exchange of thoughts and ideas from one project to the next, from one room to the other, from one indoor space to the subsequent outdoor space, from one page of a novel to that of a lifestyle magazine. I try to find at least a little bit of joy in everything. Laugh a lot, ride bikes often, never stop learning, collaborate, observe, and spend as much time as possible around the dining table or in the kitchen.
~ Dana Satterwhite

E_justine2-AMHow do I juggle having a fiancé, being a full-time mom to one (and to one on the way), and having my little dachshund that I adore? I have faith that I am strong enough for any task at any time. I am women hear me roar. Yes, I’ve had those days where I felt completely overwhelmed and wanted to hide under my blankets and not face the day. But this little voice whispers that showing up is 100% of the game. I don’t think about the list of things I have to do that day; I just challenge myself to one task in that moment—to get up and have breakfast. As I cook for my family and myself, I start downloading and arranging my day in my head or in my planner. Throughout the day, I check off my tasks, and sooner or later, that once-dreaded long list is finished. Training your patterns to be positive is so important, and not giving up is even more important. My daughter watches everything I do at all times. When I mediate, she joins me, and she tries the food I eat—even salads and weird veggies. She’s absorbing ME and my habits, and I’m determined to set a good example for her!
~ Justine H.

E_RobertsJones_FamilyOne of the great things about working from home is that I get to spend quality time with my  family, one of which is our loveable cat, Cowboy, and feisty hedgehog, Hector. As a creative professional, I spend most of my morning developing innovative solutions for my clients while getting the kids off to school and preparing a delicious meal for Hector and Cowboy.E_Cowboy
Balancing work and the activities of my four girls—Sidney, Amber, Jaymee, and Samantha—may seem like a difficult task, but having the flexibility of working at anytime and anywhere has allowed me to be accessible and ready at a moment’s notice. With orchestra, band, horseback riding practice, and several outdoor activities, my family keeps me busy and proud.
~ Eddie Roberts