David Riggleman announces the new logo to Mayor Goodman at the City Council meeting

David Riggleman announces the new logo to Mayor Goodman at the City Council meeting

For the first time in almost 40 years, the City of Las Vegas has a new logo, and we at BLVDS Magazine are thrilled that our creative director, Victoria Hart, designed the city’s new identity. Victoria, president and creative director of Pink Kitty Creative, created a logo that embodies the essential characteristics identified by the city—iconic, timeless, progressive, modern, fresh, and exciting with a nod to the glamour of yesteryear.

At the unveiling during a recent Las Vegas City Council Meeting, David Riggleman, communications director for the city, said the new logo design sets the stage for the next 40 years by creating a visual identity that is representative of the glamour, history, and excitement of the city.

lv-logo_cmyk“As we build participation in our parks and recreation classes and cultural performances and encourage economic development, we want citizens to know that Las Vegas is unique and very special,” Riggleman said. “However we did not take this change lightly, which is why we asked our citizens for their feedback prior to this launch. We were thrilled at how much they have embraced the logo and new vibrancy and excitement in their city government.”

Choosing a logo was not an easy job for the city. The process began several months ago with the submission of more than 20 logos area graphic designers and professional firms. A committee of marketing professionals from companies around the city chose four finalists, and Las Vegas residents ultimately chose the winning design through surveys conducted by a local market research firm.

Victoria admits that creating a visual identity for the Entertainment Capital of the World was challenging. “The logo needed to feel progressive, appeal to a culturally diverse population, and capture the essence of its glamorous history,” Victoria said. “We are thrilled our design was chosen, and we are excited to see it come to life through many applications.”

vegas-on-brickAfter doing hours of research on the city’s rich history, its people, and the stylistic tones of both yesterday and today, Victoria selected and  altered fonts that complimented each other and a vibrant color palette that captured a mid-modern retro feel.  Survey participants described the winning logo as fun, visually appealing, classic, and retro. They frequently mentioned the font and stars as favorite features, and they felt that the color selection was modern and distinctive, exciting and glamorous, and bright and vibrant.

The new logo will not replace the existing official city seal that is used on official documents and in other official capacities, nor does the city plan to eliminate old items containing the seal. However, as the city replaces old items, the replacements will reflect the new look. The city of Las Vegas will use the new design throughout the city on all new signage, work wear, vehicles, online and digital media, and on all collateral and promotional materials that market the city as an exciting and inviting place to live, work, and play.

vh-cakeFUN FACT: The winning design almost didn’t make the cut! Victoria slated it for the reject pile because she didn’t feel it adequately captured the characteristics of modern and progressive that the city asked for. Despite this, she couldn’t shake the feeling that this design felt and looked the most like Las Vegas. Victoria held a focus test among friends and colleagues, and after the group unanimously chose the design as its favorite, she presented it to the competition.  The rest, as they say, is history. The city of Las Vegas has a new identity.